So, after a long period of being mia Jaacqs and myself are returning to our first love, Athos. We’ve been busy with music, graphic design, and a good bit of League of Legends (which we’ve become increasingly addicted to). For a while, we were planning on starting an entirely new MC project. In fact, we created one new location known as Skygate, a large castle compound in the shadow of a massive mountain. We will be completing that and releasing it soon. As for Athos, we’re planning on its continued development. That means adding more structures in the desert surrounding the city, as well as further construction on the city itself. For those of you who have yet to visit or see Athos, it’s much more than the central city; beyond the walls lie the temple of Karnak, the monastery of Sil Solthan, the fortress of Drel Khanid, the gardens of Gol’ Gumbaz, and many other hidden locations waiting to be discovered. Upon completion, Athos will be an entire desert world that will be available for download and will hopefully be featured in more ambitious minecraft projects which attempt at creating entire realms. More updates forthcoming :)


    ~ Everyone should view our Champion concept in the LoL forums, and say something nice about it just so it doesn't fall behind all of the other topics. Please?
    We know it’s been a while,

    but we’ll be back this summer with bigger and better builds. 

    We’ll be remodeling Athos and building onto it, not to mention accepting a whole new group of members into our community (could be you, email us at Drunkserver also has their hands on brand new equipment so this server will be unstoppable. Join us at on the forums. See you there! 

    Untitled: I still remember


    my first night in minecraft. Before I knew it, the sun was sinking low behind the hills. I had collected a decent amount of wood, but had nowhere to call home. As the sky darkened, the haunting sentence from the game description arose suddenly in my mind: At night monsters come out, make sure to…

    New layout

    We’ve redone our layout. It’s simple, easier to navigate, and fits us perfectly.

    Anonymous asked:
    why isnt the server updated yet?

    We aren’t entirely sure. We aren’t the Server owners, just dedicated mods. We’re making a huge come back this summer though. Sorry for the inconvenience! :C

    Hey Athosians o/

    We’ll be back this summer with a new city. We’re looking for more servers to be apart of, and more faction members. We MIGHT be releasing the World file for Athos once we return. It might be an older build, but we’re sure everyone still wants their hands on it.

    Keep in touch! - Aethirium & Jaaacqs

    Hello Athosians!

    We are so sorry we haven’t been blogging or playing lately. Aethirium has been busy with college and I’m in the process of moving, as well as few other things. If you wanna keep in touch with us join IP: or join their forums. We love you all, be back soon. :D 

    Anonymous asked:
    How do I join if I can?

    apply in email for one of our three positions (battlemage, warrior, assassin) including why you would like to join

    you can also connect to the server (ip: ask if someone can show you athos.